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As you know, I decided to do this crazy thing, something I had never done before…

🎂 To celebrate the 1st birthday of my Violin Making School I will be sharing with you some exclusive lessons taken from my last Masterpieces: Bassbar-ability & Cello Scroll-ability, which you can’t find anywhere else.

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[BASSBAR-ABILITY] Tools and materials

How can you start a new project if you don’t have all the materials and tools you need?!
In this video I’ll tell you exactly all the materials you need to make the Bassbar as I do.

You will realize how easy is to follow my step by step Method.

[CELLO SCROLL] Preparing: Central Drawing

Having my father as a teacher has been the most blessing thing I could ever had. I want to share his lessons with you!

[BASSBAR-ABILITY] Pre fitting the Bassbar

Little trick that can save you hours!

[CELLO SCROLL] PREPARING: Upper Nut and Cheeks drawing

This video will save your day if you wanna learn how to start drawing your upper nut and cheeks on cello or viola.

[BASSBAR-ABILITY] Pretend to glue without glue

Freaking out while gluing your Bassbar?
In this video I’ll show you how you can glue your Bassbar without wooden supports.


My father is a concentrate of wisdom and experience!

[BASSBAR-ABILITY] Shaping the Bassbar

The right shape for the right sound! Do you know how you can control the sound of your instruments? Watch this video!

[CELLO SCROLL] 🌀From Spirals Carving "Finishing"

Do you wanna know how to make handmade tools? Watch this video!


I LOVE watching people’s trick…do you?

[CELLO SCROLL] Back side

Other trick about Back side!

Now, after watching these videos, do you really want to become a MASTER OF BASSBAR & CELLO SCROLL?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you will find inside the Bassbar and Cello Scroll-ability courses.

⭐️BLACK FRIDAY OFFER until November 28th⭐️

Use the coupon SOFIA15 to get 15% off! 

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